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New speakers

I just got these Philips LFD-3420 speakers from

I think they fit the car quite nicely. As you can see, I haven’t installed them properly yet, but I did test them with the radio. The sound quality is surprisingly good, especially taking their age into consideration.




Ready for spring

I did a quick photo shoot after the spring cleaning, vacuuming, polishing:






First ride this year

First wash after the paint job

Just washed!

My GS is insured from 15th of march until the 15th of november each year. So every winter (when the roads are full of salt anyway), she sleeps in the garage.

Yesterday was the 16th of march and I had the chance to do the first trip of the year. It took quite a while to get her started - the petrol has to go a long way, when the car has been standing still for so long.

But as soon as the engine started, everything worked beautifully. I washed her and took her for a spin. It was a great feeling. And the new paint looks gorgeous with all the dust washed off.



I couldn’t attend the GS/SM 40th birthday in France, so I borrowed the GS to a couple of friends.

Unfortunately, they had a little incident on the Autobahn near Hamburg where they hit the safety barriers. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, other than some scratches and small dents in the side of the car.

This sunday, I got the car back from respray. I decided to pay the extra money to make the painter paint the entire car and not just the side doors. The result is very nice, and the car looks almost brand new.

We had some problems re-fitting the windows, though, so I drove from Glostrup to Emdrup with no front and rear windscreens. That felt quite strange…

I will post photos as soon as the car is done.

Wedding car

Just a couple of days after the GS had the seats and the new clock installed, it was used as wedding car. My friends Johannes and Trine were getting married, and they had asked if I would be the driver. It was an honor and a pleasure. :-)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from the actual wedding day, but here’s a photo I took the day after:
Wedding car


This is what they look like inside the car:
New seats

The clock’s a-tickin’

When I bought the car, the clock (as with most early GS’es) did not work. Last year, Morten Dalgaard found me a replacement Veglia clock, and now I’ve finally got around to installing it.

It’s no small job, as you have to take out the entire dashboard, and then you have to take the dashboard apart to get to the clock. What’s more crazy is that you have to do the same thing just to change a light bulb in the dashboard.

I don’t have the time right now to document the process with photos here on the blog, but please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you want some advice on GS dashboard issues. :-)

The seats are done!

Much sooner than I had expected, I got an email from Daxpo, the upholstery firm, saying that my seats were done.

Yesterday, I went to Vejle to pick them up. I did’nt have much time to inspect the work, but my first impressions are very good. Especially when taken into account that the price of the work is less than half of what it would have been in Denmark or Sweden.

You won’t believe how much I’m looking forward to taking this year’s first ride in a GS with brand new seats.

Seats have been sent off to Poland!

I finally did it! Got the seats sent off to Poland to get the upholstery done.

I guess it must have taken more than a year of consideration now!

I’m going with the Danish/Polish company Daxpo, who seem to have the right mix of good service and a good price.

I’ll buy the fabric at Citron Pieces in order to get the exact right quality. Daxpo will make sure to get the right quality and color leatherette.

I’ll keep you posted when I have more news!

Visiting the GS factory

For Christmas, I got the DVD box set with the documentaries of French director Louis Malle. It consists of seven titles, of which “Humain, trop humain” probably is the most interesting for GS fans.

Humain trop humain is a 72 minute film about life on the Citroën factory in Rennes la Janais, circa 1973. It mainly depicts the workers, but if you are interested the GS, this film gives you lots of details about the production proces.

Youtube has these small fragments from the film: